A Quarter of a Million Sales!

When I started work on my first novel back at university, I gave it to my friend to read. When she came back with the manuscript a few days later she shook her head solemnly and my heart sank. ‘Well?’ I asked. Her frown turned into a smile. ‘I loved it!’ But that was my […]

Cakes have to follow the laws of physics too!

Yesterday, in the spirit of learning how to bake before The Little Village Bakery is released (see this post) I decided to try a recipe a friend had recommended as pretty much the easiest cake in the world to make. This post is about my attempt at Weetabix cake.  The recipe is here: Ingredients (serves 6) 300g self-raising flour 225g sugar […]

Christmas Wish Come True

At the beginning of my own writing journey, Jaimie Admans was one of the people who encouraged me to stick at it when I got down, and her support and friendship of me and other writers has been wonderful over the years. I also absolutely adore her stories and so I was probably almost as thrilled as she […]

Hopelessly Devoted giveaway…

I’m very excited to announce that we now have a release date for Hopelessly Devoted to Holden Finn of 30th January.  And a few fun teasers will be coming your way in the weeks leading up to launch. There will be a blog tour, giveaways, and a chance to read advanced review copies for anyone who […]