A Quarter of a Million Sales!

When I started work on my first novel back at university, I gave it to my friend to read. When she came back with the manuscript a few days later she shook her head solemnly and my heart sank. ‘Well?’ I asked. Her frown turned into a smile. ‘I loved it!’ But that was my […]

Cakes have to follow the laws of physics too!

Yesterday, in the spirit of learning how to bake before The Little Village Bakery is released (see this post) I decided to try a recipe a friend had recommended as pretty much the easiest cake in the world to make. This post is about my attempt at Weetabix cake.  The recipe is here: Ingredients (serves 6) 300g self-raising flour 225g sugar […]

Do you want to know a secret?

It’s been a very exciting week. Some things I can tell you about – like the fact that I have just begun a 6 month break from the day job (hurrah for working at home in pyjamas!) and some things I can’t reveal yet because they are still in progress.  But the biggest thing was this announcement…  a […]