Christmas Wish Come True

At the beginning of my own writing journey, Jaimie Admans was one of the people who encouraged me to stick at it when I got down, and her support and friendship of me and other writers has been wonderful over the years. I also absolutely adore her stories and so I was probably almost as thrilled as she was herself to discover that she’d been offered a deal with Carina, along with Misty Shaw and Gina Rochelle, to do a Christmas story collection.  She’s very kindly agreed to come on my blog (I did beg a little bit) to share her dream cast for her story, Christmas Every Day. I love this cast, and Aidan Turner is a particular favourite of mine so I can’t wait to read the book now and imagine him as the romantic lead!

So, enough of me, here’s Jaimie herself to tell you more…

I’m absolutely thrilled to have a Christmas novella published as part of an anthology by Carina UK this year, and when Tilly Tennant offered to host a dream cast of who would play my characters if a movie was ever made of my story, I couldn’t think of anything more fun!

The book is called Christmas Wish Come True and my story in it is Christmas Every Day. It’s about Emma – her life is pretty dull and the highlight of her day is saying hello to Gorgeous Dog Walker, a man she passes when she takes her dog out each night. She doesn’t even know his name, but all that changes when she (accidentally!) pushes him under a bus and he ends up in a coma, and Emma finds herself taking over his very unusual job and learning the secret of his very unusual identity!

Emma – Katherine Heigl


I think a dark-haired Katherine Heigl would be perfect to play Emma. Emma’s got messy dark hair which gets messier (and darker!) when she takes over Gorgeous Dog Walker’s job, and Katherine really suits how I’ve always pictured Emma. Emma’s a bit down on her luck, her life is pretty stagnant, her job is boring, and her love life is non-existent, but all that changes with Gorgeous Dog Walker and a runaway car. Katherine seems good at playing resilient characters who remain upbeat when really weird things are happening, so I think she’d make a great Emma. Plus, she got to kiss Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Grey’s Anatomy, and who wouldn’t want to kiss him?!

Nick – Aidan Turner


aka Gorgeous Dog Walker seeing as Emma doesn’t even know his name for most of the book!

Ahh, the gorgeous Poldark from BBC1! Aidan Turner has got the dark curly hair and lovely smile I always pictured on Nick so he’s a perfect fit for a dream cast! I think I must’ve been subconsciously imagining Aidan in the role when I wrote the story because he’s exactly as I described Nick. Nick’s smile is something Emma falls in love with before she even gets to know him and Aidan has got the perfect twinkle in his eye when he smiles!

Twinkle – Lee Arenberg, aka Grumpy from Once Upon a Time.


In the story, Emma meets Twinkle who, unlike his sparkly name, is possibly the grumpiest and most unhelpful elf she’s ever come across. Not that she’s met a lot of elves but hopefully they’re not all as irate as Twinkle! Twinkle isn’t impressed with his new charge, and Emma isn’t impressed that she has to spend extended amounts of time with him while Gorgeous Dog Walker is in a coma. She’s not even sure he’s really an elf!

I loved writing Twinkle, he became my favourite character in the novella, from the moment he slides down the chimney and surprises Emma to chasing reindeer around supermarket car parks, I loved every moment of writing his character. Lee Arenberg has got the perfect mix of grouchiness with a soft heart underneath, and he fits perfectly into Twinkle’s initial crabby attitude and the slightly less grumpy side he shows as Emma gets to know him!

One of the major parts of my revisions was to make Nick sexier, which you’d think would be easy considering he looks like Aidan Turner, however probably due to a combination of the name and The X Factor just starting back on TV, every time I tried to picture Nick being sexy, this is what popped into my head.


Thanks, Grimmy! That’ll teach me to watch reality TV talent shows while trying to edit!

Tilly again here!

I bet you want a copy now! Well, you can have one because it’s out today! That was a rollercoaster of a cast, going from the divine Mr Turner (that photo floored me when I opened it – Jaimie needs to choose a less sexy one next time because my ticker won’t take that kind of shock!) to Nick Grimshaw in a bra! I need a lie down now!

You can order Christmas Wish Come True here… So, what are you waiting for????

Christmas Wish Come True_FINAL-resized


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