Books I’m excited about in 2014

A great list of books to look forward to in 2014 from Victoria Loves Books.


Happy New Year!

So to start the year off I thought I would give a list of books I’m excited for in the coming year. I’ve made a list and added the current release dates (we know how they may change).

Books that have REALLY got my interest are:

The Guestbook

Willow Cottage is open for business. But who will come to stay? A young family with a very astute child who notices everything, a lady with her menagerie of animals including a hungry python, the naturists, who shock the local residents, the medium with her spirit guide and a famous actress in hiding are just a few of the many guests that come through the front door.

Annie Butterworth welcomes a colourful array of guests to the seaside holiday cottage and their thoughts and comments written in The Guestbook give a snapshot of their lives.

Then there’s Oliver…

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