Hopelessly Devoted to Holden Finn… Cover reveal and giveaway!

Finally it’s time to show you what we spent so long trying to get right! Drumroll please….


To celebrate the new and beautiful cover, you might have noticed a bit of a buzz around our little pocket of the internet today as lots of gorgeous bloggers, writer friends and readers get involved. There has been help with the reveal and a fabulous video featuring clips of ladies telling us about their own celebrity crush which you can watch here…  And we’d like YOU to get involved! Leave us a comment here on the blog telling us about your brushes with fame and you could win a £10 Amazon voucher to spend on anything you like (although, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I hope you’ll spend some of it on my new book!). My lovely team of glamorous blogger assistants will choose the most entertaining anecdote to win. Closing date is 31st January 2013. Good luck and thanks for stopping by!


10 thoughts on “Hopelessly Devoted to Holden Finn… Cover reveal and giveaway!

  1. I shook hands with Prince Philip, Prince Charles & Queen Elizabeth when I was a child. They were doing a bit of a meet & greet in town. I remember I was wearing my Brownie uniform. I must say that at the time I was more impressed with the ice-cream we had on the way home then with the Royals.

  2. Mine’s a bit of a strange one, and takes place in a toilet. It was about four years ago, and my family took me out for a meal in Camden, at my favourite restaurant. After our food had been ordered, I left to go to the toilet. To my surprise (it was a pretty small restaurant and thus presumably pretty small toilets), there was a hue queue. I didn’t know until I saw a woman a few people in front of me with a mass of black hair, some seriously tiny arms and two male bodyguards with her (which is a bit weird because she was going into the ladies toilets, but I didn’t think about that at the time.) It was Amy Winehouse. Or at least I think it was, because she had an interview in The Guardian or something like that where she mentioned it as her favourite restaurant, but I suppose I’ll never know if it was really her!-

  3. My celebrity encounter was at Heathrow, I was at the baggage carousel whilst my mum was off getting a trolley so when I saw our suitcase I leaned across to try and lift it off but then this guy in striped trousers lifted it off and handed it to me… when I looked up to say thank you I saw it was Billy Connolly 😉

  4. Hi Tilly! When I was 15, I skipped school and went to a record shop to meet Ash and get a picture with my mate! We queued for ages, embarrassed ourselves with bleary-eyed conversation and then had a photo in which the band members closed their eyes and we both looked like stalkers. I regret nothing! 😀

  5. While in New Orleans, I met John Boutté, the man who wrote the title track for the HBO series Treme. He was really sweet. He signed my cd and my husband took a picture of us together. I’ll never forget how friendly he was. My book was inspired by the lyrics of Placebo. Somehow I think Brian will not be as friendly, don’t know whay I think that 😉

    May your book become a huge success! xxx

  6. I met the McFly boys, and as a massive fan who goes to see them live a few times a year, I lined up like a geek in HMV. When I got to the front with my CD to be signed I said… NOTHING!
    Pure silence, I had Tom & Dougie both trying to start a conversation with me and asking me how I was because I was just so silent, of course I replied with “Good thanks, you?” Got a photo of Doug picking his nose and my signed CD and that was it.


  7. Hi Tilly

    When i was about 16/17 i saw John Simm in Boots in London. I turned stalker and followed him around the store very obviously, peering round the end of the aisle at him. I even stood next to him and pretended i was interested in buying what he was looking at (men’s deodorant) he got freaked out and ran out of the shop. To my shame i chased after him. The worst thing was i dont even like John Simm, i just got all star struck. But i did learn something about myself. I have an inner stalker in me

  8. I have chased David Essex through Cardiff with my best mate and we wet ourselves whilst running!!!! but met the man complete with soggy trousers! he was fab.

    I have had Howard from Take That hold my arm as he passed by and the great Robbie Williams shake my hand and nearly had me pass out with delight!

    Kate Blanchet had a pee in my ladies room in my Tearoom in Wales.( she was there filming Robin Hood)

    The Tearoom has also served..Haley from Coronation Street. The Vicars dad in Emmerdale. Lucy from Eastenders. and 2 BBC news presenters.

    My ultimate Celebrity crush is Jason Statham because he is just hot as hell !
    Ceri x

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